About the project

Know Your Health is an online survey and downloadable ‘playbook’ that will empower people living in, managing or conceiving cities to take action to create opportunities for better health, through improving their local environment, community and personal habits.

The resources have been created by a team of designers, urbanists, data scientists, neuroscientists and architects:

is a design research collective, part of the global practice .

is a neuroscience research lab creating strategies to improve public health.

is a design & technology studio based in London.


Where we live and our daily habits have a huge impact on our health - whether it’s the physical environment surrounding us or the daily pressures that we are put under.

We call these environmental and psychosocial stressors – things that cause your body and mind stress.

Environmental stressors could be things such as air pollution from busy roads, a lack of trees and greenery or excessive light pollution at night-time.

Psychosocial stressors might be things like struggling to pay the rent, high levels of local crime or unstable employment.

Both the survey and playbook work to help you understand these different factors and what you can do to improve your health.

The survey helps you determine the extent to which your local environment provides you with the resources to achieve health resilience, an everyday baseline of good health.

We are collecting survey responses to produce reports and publications. There is no registration needed and at no point during the survey do we ask for personal information. We have designed it so that we provide you with anonymity.

The reports and publications will be made public, we will be holding events and talks on our collected findings, which you have the option to join.

At no point will we be sharing or selling any data to any 3rd parties nor will we (PLP Labs, Comuzi, or Centric Lab) use the data for personal or private gain.

Once completed, you will be shown tailored suggestions on what role you can play in improving your own and your community’s health.

The Know Your Health Playbook explores seven key areas: housing, biodiversity, mobility, nourishment, social spaces, governance and infrastructure.

Each section offers tips for what to look out for and how to go about improving it, whether that be changing your own behaviour, forming local groups or petitioning local authorities.